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The inescapable, the most elegant and stable Islaise tent in the wind; However under a forcissant wind it will just take down the canvas in less than 10 seconds (actually).

It is therefore the reference of elegance to honor your garden with a canvas of colour carried by a singular structure.

Ideal for the family to protect from the sun and a few showers, in the grass or on the sand, its slightly sophisticated and rigid design allows good stability to the wind but also to be able to move it easily at any time.

In “mini” or “small canvas” version you can carry it on foot or by bike. The Mini or Petite canvas is therefore all destined to spend the day on the beach, thus offering you beautiful shaded moments.

In its eccentric colors, the beach tent is the most widespread on the beaches of the hexagon, the tent of those who agree to take 3 minutes to ride it: small effort that liberates a parasol or a tent alumin



garden, event


Small rain, sun



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Protection : UV and rain

Capacity : 2 childREN and 2 adult

Dimension wrap : around long 7,5ft, diameter 9,8in

Dimension assemble : floor : 6,5ft* 6,5ft heigh : 6,5ft

Weight : 24lb

Composition of the structure : pine / Canvas in cotton 10,5 onces, linen, brass

Time to pitching : 10 minutes

Time to disassemble : 5 minute

Further information :

Weight : 33,9lb

Dimensions : 7,8in*7,8in*7,5ft

Color of the canvas : electric blue, navy blue, ecru, taupe gray, lemon yellow, orange perfect, pink Indian, green garden


Informations complémentaires

Poids 15.4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 230 cm
Couleur Toile Coton

Bleu Électrique, Bleu Navy, Ecru Naturel, Gris Taupe, Jaune Citron, Orange Parfait, Rose Indien, Vert Jardin