Ile de Ré mini - La Tente Islaise
Protection : UV and rain Capacity : 2 children and 1 adult Dimension wrap : around long 5,5ft, diameter 5,9in Dimension assemble : floor : 4,9ft*4,9ft heigh : 4,9ft Weight : 11lb Composition of the structure : pine / Canvas in cotton 10,5 onces, linen, brass Time to pitching : 1 minutes Time to disassemble : 20 seconds Further information : Weight : 14,1lb Dimensions : 5,9in*5,9in*5,5ft Color of the canvas : electric blue, navy blue, ecru, taupe gray, lemon yellow, orange perfect, pink Indian, green garden
It’s the tent who is the most easy to assemble and disassemble with the system « wood and tip », you can assemble it in 1 real minute (strucute and canvas). This tent can resist the most at the bad weather. L’Ile de Ré is, for the moment, the only model who has a part close who can shelters you with less wind, but of course if you orient the back to the wind. Functionnal and light, no matter which size you choose it’s the ultimate tent for the beach. This model is common on the beach and on the garden close to the Atlantic coast, the Manche and across the Channel. Light, easy pitching, good protection againt the wind.
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09 Jan Ile de Ré mini

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